John Titor II Time Traveler Disclosed Part 1 – 14 Nov 2016

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  • Time is a metaphor for transformation or perceptual change. The idea of years, days, seconds are all metaphors. So what specifically would someone manipulate to create time travel? From my perspective, time is not a substance. In fact, change or transformation isn't substance either. These are observational descriptions of contrast.

    Thus, time travel doesn't seem possible.

    What about space? Space is literally the sensory difference between degrees in solidness.

    However, electromagnetic fields are tangible, observable manifestations of space wherein different rules apply to material relationships. If time travel is possible, it would require electromagnetic fields in order to change our perception of contrast and solidity. But to say our perceptions are somehow encoded into some mysterious fabric of reality AND that we can access these previously experienced codes through electromagnetic manipulation is really to say we are accessing shadows of experience. So, time paradoxes resolve themselves if we assume the "past" are shadows or imprints of experience which unfold or change through solidity because these imprints are completely inconsequential. They would theoretically appear in our memories and perhaps even in historical photographs but can have absolutely no impact on future events because they've already happened.

    This seems obvious no?

  • This guy should do a video with Andrew bassiago so we can see who is the real CON MANbassiago says the US government developed time travel in the 1970s and from why I understand of the John title story time travel was invented in the 21st century

  • This guy has been exposed as a fraud. See here:

    . He smacks his lips 10 times within the first 3 minutes, and with a 30 minute video you'll likely be treated to 100 lip smackin' lies. Furthermore, notice how he always looks to his right and rarely, if ever the left?? The LEFT hand side is predominantly to do with accessing material from your past, like images and sounds.

  • Time travel is really easy; I know the fully awakened/decalcified pineal gland is capable of time travel, if you can reverse engineer such an organ, and not just a mere simulacrum, through space time/time space engineering.

  • this is fake….this fruitcake looks 65, 2036 John Titor would be 38 plus John Titor was rumoured to have died shortly after during a flu epidemic…..the guy being interviewed belongs in the loony bin

  • I've studied the John tetor story and this guy is talking garbage. John tetor was part of a shot gun battery in the civil war and was fighting against the us government from the year 2008 -2016 and then returned to the year 2036 and this guys story doesn't match at all.

  • If you're going to fake being a time traveler, you should at least write a logical outline covering all the many questions you are likely to get.

    It is highly unlikely that John "Gary Dana" Titor II was an Airman(a non-officer) who went to Officer's Training School to become an officer and a pilot. He carries himself like a retired Airman. I should know, I was born and raised an Air Force brat and I serve in the U.S. Army.

    Consider an extra-terrestrial race that has the technology to come to this planet. Do you think we humans would have any fighting chance at all should aliens choose to attack us? Karate is certainly not going to take out an E.T. let alone a human enemy combatant. Nor would a rail gun particle firearm of any kind. If you have to use hand to hand combat, there is a chance that you will already be dead.

    So he claims to have an alien friend named Rock. The pot smoking alien "Paul" anyone?

    If Titor II's TR3B time machine plane runs on nuclear fuel, no way would a human pilot be in the cockpit.

    If he is an Airman engineer, why not take a guess and throw out some possible new technology as the source of his time machine's power. Ionic Wind, Hot Air Pockets, Decaying Heavy Elements. Anything! Be more creative.

    Here is my attempt to come up with a better time travel autobiography.

    Hello. My name is Specialist John Thomas Renzi from World-Line 0 Time-Line-2067.
    At the age of 100 years, I arrived here in the year 1999 with 6 others you know as the Augsburg Gulf Breeze Six. My time machine is a small integrated time distortion unit device called a C204. The C2 stands for a 1967(the year I was born) Corvette 2 Stingray. Stingray also happens to be the name of the Aurora Aircraft I arrived in.

    Several things to remember about my time machine.
    1.) I was issued the time machine and I don't know how to build one from scratch. If I did, that would be a security risk.

    2.) The C204 is not the actual name of the TDU, the time distortion unit. C2 has 2 meanings. 1. The real John Titor was born in 1967. 2. The Stingray is the name of the aircraft arrived in.

    3.) The Electro-Magnetic Drive is real and it is a device that distorts time, gravity, and reality. This is why it is a warp drive, a teleporter, and a time machine all in one. This is the nacell that propel the Aurora Stingray. If you would like to see something similar, view the Aviano UFO on YouTube. This is the time machine you are looking for which you will not be able to get your hands on. Time travel is a one way ticket for me and my ride has long since gone.

    I actually do not know much about aliens. I do not have alien friends. We call them "The Mim" and they are floating around in large invisible aircraft above us right now. I believe I have encountered 2 "aliens" over 7 feet tall with large glassy eyes. I have also been visited by a father and son in my family from the far future. They are smaller than I. I often have encounters with "Men in Black" whom I believe to be human beings from our near future.

    My mission parameters are clear.

    1. Prevent the assassination of President George Bush. His death would have caused a World War. Prevent the assassination of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    2. Remind the world of author Ralph Ellis who wrote "King Jesus". Do not let him disappear quietly into obscurity. My compatriots, the Gulf Breeze Six, did not follow orders and sought to interfere.

    3. Prevent the election of Madam President Hillary Clinton and Vice President Bernie Sanders. Elect Donald Trump. Mend the relationship between the U.S. and Russia. Prevent Civil, Race, and World War.

    4. Point researchers back to the Electromagnetic Drive.

    5. Warn President Trump of something called A.I.R.P.A. and urge him to focus on restaurant, hotel cleaning, and construction jobs for the next 4 years but prepare for an economic collapse as Google Tango, Atlas, Spot-Mini become faster, better and cheaper than human labor. Tell Trump and Putin not to pay people a basic income to do nothing but pay everyone to exercise, train, and study because war with the Savages and Terrorists is still coming.

  • I believe in time travel 100% and that it has probably been done countless times but many things he says are true in my opinion, however the more I research this guy the more holes I find in his narrative. I recently contacted him on Facebook to ask him many questions. He gave me ALOT of conflicting answers like the IBM 5100 narrative was falsified by Art Bell, he got a ride from a friendly Grey alien named Rock to the past(in 2000 he stated and showed pictures of his time machine being a 1967 Chevy Corvette), and many others. But whenever I pointed out the inconsistency he just kept telling me to buy his book on Amazon -_- Like bro, nobody travels back in time to "save the world" then sells an E-Book with a shitty photoshop cover cmon… It's possible he is a con artist by the name of Morey Haber or Dana Stern Sr because he worked at IBM in the 70s and could have had some 5100's that he wanted to make ALOT of money off(the ones I see for sale online are going from 10k-50k each!!!) However there is a possibility the original John Titor was legit and the people that followed years later were just trying to profit, gain fame or just mentally unstable. Like Scully says "I want to believe" but it's not looking good for this guy. But this is all just my opinion, always do your own research! I'd gladly link my findings and conversation text to anyone interested. Cheers.

  • What has he said that has proved his been anywhere, back or In to the future? I'm sure he'll be dead if this is all true, cause they can just go back into the pass and just wipe him out.
    Why not show a picture or anything of proof so there wont be any sceptics.

  • I am very gratified that I am not the only one who can INSTINCTIVLY sense that this guy is completely full of shit!! He is an embarrassment, and he is out there to put a BAD name on the whole subject! I would be MUCH more inclined to believe the 1st Titor, and , this guy is as phoney as Basagio!

  • This just sounds like a mash up of Stargate: SG-1 and other peoples time travel stories, although id love to believe its true there is far too much wrong with his story, such as changing the time line via the butterfly effect or even creating a grandfather paradox. this guy is a proven fake top comment links to his Sons blog, everything bends to his fantasy he reminds me of George Lucas.

  • Rev good call, John Titor was exposed as a fraud LIVE on LNM radio. The checks are being cashed under the name (AKA Dana Stern) When this was addressed he hung up in the middle of the interview. LNM radio exposes another fraud!

  • Falsely claiming to command a combat unit in Iraq is no difference than falsely claiming to command a combat unit fighting bad ETs like this person is doing. They both are illegal and violate the 'Stolen Valor' statute. It is time to prosecute this fraud for his crime.

  • In a world where individuals take great personal risk to come out and share their truth, it's so very disappointing when a guy goes to great lengths to deceive and capitalize on lies. Denny, thanks for the role you played in helping bring the truth to light (

    ). John Titor II, a.k.a. Dana Stern – what a let-down.

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