Mick Schrier’s Higher Self Channeling Part I 09/21/2017

Mick Schrier 

This transcript was supplied to WITT’s Member’s Page courtesy of
Mick Schrier. Mick and I are schedule to do an in person interview on January 24, 2018. So this will be setting the stage for our in depth conversation about what is revealed here. Thank you Mick!
*Mick Schrier’s Higher Self Channeling Part I 09/21/2017*

I. Higher Self may you please help me today to answer my questions, and call on Source Creator as needed to follow out my requests?

Yes we’re delighted to help in this way. We will do all we can to give you assistance and help you to move forward.

II. Thank You. Higher Self may you please include all my family and loved ones to make this a group process so they receive help from their Higher Selves in parallel?

Yes, this is underway as we speak here now. The other higher selves have been invited to join in. This will be a beautiful unfolding of a parallel effort. It will help all interconnected. You are interconnected as you know already through the bonds of family, but also energetically and karmically. This is true in the moment all during your current life, that the interconnections serve in many ways. They will allow transfer of knowledge and information of a very deep karmic nature and also blessings, so that the joy of one can be the joy of others. This is no less true in doing a healing request and outreach. When asking to have others you care for included, the Divine realm is happy to oblige.

III. Thank You. Higher Self may you please heal all my inner negativity standing in the way of receiving Divine help support, guidance, healing, and protection?

There is much to do here, as there have been a number of woundings of a significant nature. We will go to work on this. We have not done as much as possible because of the rules of engagement, so-to-speak. We are not allowed to interfere or change you beyond what has been pre-decided in coming in for this incarnation and of course to serve as a gatekeeper of the flow of life force, that is our responsibility as well. We can help preserve your life, but we cannot change who you are. Those are all choices you make. When you wish to have healing and you ask us to assist, this takes the handcuffs away and we can do much, much more. So this will be moving forward now in parallel to other requests you plan to make.

IV. Thank You. Higher Self may you please heal and strengthen my connection to you on an ongoing basis?

Yes, indeed this can be done. This is the way to make requests of us. This guidance was given to you with the instructions and we are using that as the energy to answer in kind with the information. It is always useful and a good idea to ask for continuation of services, adjustments and benefits because life has many, many moments. If you ask for healing of this moment that may be all you receive, when you really wish to have total relief on a permanent basis. In practice that might require many, many revisiting and readjustment of the damage that has accrued. This is wisdom in action, to make a broad request that has a future timeline.

V. Thank You. Higher self what is it that I most need to know?

What you most need to know is that you have the inner strength and resilience to master your destiny. This is no small thing. Many, many falter and fall by the wayside in their lifetime for many reasons. Most of which are karmic weights too great to bear and not accessible to healing, or there is an inability to seek or find the appropriate avenue to use for healing purposes, and often not even knowing something is there that is healable in the first place. People needlessly suffer and flounder and often die young as a consequence of not having the awareness or ability to change themselves for the better. You have many issues ongoing that are rumbling. This does not mean you are in danger, this means there are opportunities for betterment. This is what we speak of, that your future will encompass broad change and further enlightenment. We see that this is a key turning point life, by this we mean that you are moving in a new direction. You have had a series of lives moving one way, and now you are choosing to break out and revisit other options that have been somewhat dormant or unavailable. This will change much about how things go from here on in. You are moving in a more positive direction. You are moving towards a true understanding of yourself. This is one of the highest callings. It is surprising for people to hear such a notion because you are so used to feeling diminished and criticized at every turn for any hint of self service, selfishness, self-preoccupation and any choice made to favor yourself over another. All are deemed unworthy and characteristic of someone who is flawed, but when can that happen? When can you receive your share? When can you be raised up? When can you be benefited, given support, encouragement, healing attention and nurturing? This is the first order of business for each individual, because you are no less worthy than anyone. You have the responsibility to safeguard your very soul. No one else can do this for you, so there are compelling reasons to preserve the divinity you represent. That is your responsibility. This lifetime will be repurposed to focus towards expressing that divinity in new ways. This is an opportunity to begin seeing with new eyes and moving into something more glorious than what has come before. This will require your being open, allowing, and watching for the signs, the messages, the impulses, the hints and nudges you will be receiving from yours truly, as well as directly from Creator. We can use this moment to reinforce with you Creator lives within you and is aware of everything you are, you do, you say, you express, and you feel. The choices you make are yours, so you have the burden, you have the responsibility, but you have available a tremendous resource of Divine wisdom you can call on. What we are pointing out is a partnership with the Divine will change everything. If you begin to think in those terms, invite that partnership, watch for the evidence and the encouragement that comes along with that decision, you will be amply rewarded. This is a broad hint of your future. We cannot give you a road map, specific milestones, targets and specifics you must cultivate, because this needs to come from within you moment to moment. You will be inspired from within to move in the right direction and the universe will be rearranged to accommodate you. As you move forward, things will come your way and into your field of view. As you notice them and embrace them, things will make greater sense and you will find your path. We cannot lay that out and define your future destiny. That would be short-circuiting things and would become a mandate which we are not allowed to convey. You must do this on your own, but we can tell you with certainty there is a wonderful future for you. You will have a quite rewarding and happy life if you accept this wisdom, to walk alongside the Divine as you proceed.

VI. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what my life purpose is? Am I on track?

You are here first of all to heal. There are many things needing healing that come from prior experience. This is a part of what will be necessary for the ultimate success of what we assured would you about your future. So this is an important element and must be attended to. If not, it will hold you back. This is simply what happens from the slings and arrows of life. It is no different than a physical injury at least someone with a limp or a hand that no longer grasps. Any such alteration reduces their capacity to do some things. The same is true of karmic wounds that carry forward and bring with them negativity. That negative energy will have an influence and will cause delay, will cause uncertainty, unnecessary fear, inefficiency, procrastination and so on. The more you heal, the less you have resistance, the less you have obstructions and a kind of anchor dragging behind you to slow things down, the less that doubts will creep in, and all of the benefits of doing the healing work for your betterment to give you more energy, clear vision and ability to have greater certainty about your choices to move forward without fear or hesitation. All of which will help you progress much more readily and more quickly. So that is the other piece of the puzzle that is needed: the healing component and the spiritual progress component working together. You will find a path quite rewarding and will be successful if both are attended to and given their due.

VII. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me how I may focus my efforts to achieve my purpose for this life?

This is the task at hand, to find the area of greatest interest to you. Find a way to capitalize on that in a practical fashion, so that you have the type of career that gives you the greatest benefits, the greatest success to fulfill yourself on a deep level. The calling of the soul is always an important aspect in everything. The makeup of the soul has much to do with interests and the kinds of talents that manifest and allow a person to do certain things quite easily, not only successfully but more easily than another person might do. This is because you are groomed and create it, you are primed and ready for that undertaking. This must come from within, it must be your choice. So what we can tell you is that it needs to be ideally something that you have true passion about. That thing that stirs the passion, that excites you, that intrigues you. That thing that you almost cannot imagine not doing if you had unlimited unrestricted choice, is most likely to be your true purpose and the true path for you to follow for the life expression in this incarnation. We cannot give this to you from on high and spell this out. There are multiple pads always available and you may well change course when you reach an obstacle along the way. There is nothing wrong with this, it is not about success or failure. It is only about making progress. Everything you do will teach you, everything will be a learning opportunity. The only failure is to not move forward, meaning not using your talent and your ability to engage with life. As long as you engage with life, do your best to live with a moral perspective and have actions of high character, the rest truly does not matter. What you do here in the physical is of trivial consequence; what type of work you do, how much money you make, how much prestige you have, how you develop a resume or a pedigree, whether you have a claim of others and reach a high level of status in the community or even wider circles. None of this has any true lasting value other than rewarding the ego. What matters is spiritual growth. Those characteristics that provide spiritual growth, can benefit from financial success to be sure, but are not inherent in the physical, in the tangible and the usual trappings of success. The spiritual success is measured in the giving and receiving of love in all ways, at all times. The more this is done, the more successful you become in a true sense. That is the currency you will carry forward into subsequent lifetimes, not the financial rewards you receive. So if you struggle and you cannot feed yourself and end up homeless with illnesses as a consequence of being without hygiene, shelter, proper diet and so on, this will disrupt many, many things and will hold you back in significant ways. There is needing of attention to the practical, but the true benefits and rewards of life you will get from a spiritual orientation. How you conduct yourself all along the way will be the measure of your true success. You can have a mundane job that is strictly clocking in and clocking out, truly routine, dull, boring, repetitive, low status and it matters not from a Divine perspective. What matters is, do you greet each day with thanks, with a song in your heart and value yourself despite your status from those conventional criteria? If you do your work, make your contribution without complaint and go out of your way to show kindness to others, to be cordial, to be respectful to your colleagues and to those you may interact with from the public: if you are in a service job for instance, how you treat your superiors and how you interact when they mistreat you, all of the actions you take will matter, everything counts. We are encouraging you to see that differing perspective and in that is the nucleus of the answer to much of what you see tonight. That nucleus revolves around how you view yourself. There is work needed to value yourself more highly and this is something that will help you enormously in many, many ways. So look for opportunities to have an acceptance and enjoyment of who you are and the ability to forgive things that have happened, you’re perceived deficiencies and where gaps may be present from your perspective in things you would like to be able to do better or to have in your tool kit, so-to-speak. The acceptance of the self is a number one goal for you in this life and that is why healing can be so valuable, because this will help to ensure you receive sufficient healing for that issue.

VIII. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what karmic legacy is most important for me to heal or rebalance in this life? How may I best achieve this?

There is a legacy of exploitation by more powerful forces and this has diverted you from a spiritual path. This is very akin to those pressed into military service to fight in wars, to be in a position to harm many others following one’s superior officers and following the orders they give. This is regarded by society as a high calling, to serve God and country quote on quote, to be sure at times of national crisis where things are on the line and a matter of life or death. In repelling invaders there are clear imperatives to step into action and to do whatever might be necessary to preserve life, even if lives must be taken. That is the choice all who become warriors are taking on, that they may well be summarily killed by their opposition if they attack. Beyond that, when the soldier is asked to carry out duty that goes outside the usual accepted definitions of a fair fight, there is a much greater potential erosion of the soul. This is because of the Divine imperative to do no harm to others. In a physical life existence this becomes challenging, because there has been so much corruption and so many difficulties. There needs to be some answer to suppression and subjugation for it to end. There will be times when people take on an opponent and incur a karmic debt, serving a greater cause. This is the plight of the soldier to begin with. Under all circumstances there are always karmic consequences and debts to repay and rebalance. This is the type of thing you have been through and have in your backlog of unfinished business. There are times when you were redirected and repurposed in ways to cause harm to other people, so this needs to be rebalanced. The two chief ways are; through experiencing similar consequences yourself, to have the soul learning of victimization, the other way is to do acts of service to restore in some way the love that was missing from prior actions. That is an equivalent solution and can be done without pain and suffering. Your life of spiritual growth can take the latter path and this is what we would recommend consideration, that you not embrace one that puts you into the path of receiving pain and suffering. This is not truly necessary, but can become a karmic imperative under certain circumstances. We cannot tilt that balance unilaterally, this is something you can influence as you see your life unfolding and take steps to bring in the right counter balance at the right time. You will be given guidance about this. The more you focus on this potential, in the possibilities and what you would like to see happen, the more we can respond in kind, if you ask us directly. So if you see something looming and have concerns, you can reach out and ask us “Higher Self help guide me through this, so I land on my feet, so I am not taken down, so that I can still do well and stay on track to find a way to resolve this, so that everyone wins”. In that way you may come through great peril, but not have any punches land on you and have any woundings. This is the art of living taken to a high degree. These are possible things, there will be much brought up for you that will need attention, this is what Karma does. When you find yourself struggling emotionally, there is always a healing solution. If you reach out for answers, ask us first of all and Creator to help, you may need other healers to help as well, then things will be manageable. This is the most we can say at this point. This is a process of discovery, of opening up, of revelation, of a reawakening and a re-blossoming. All of those elements are involved in what is unfolding now.

IX. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what skills and abilities may I reawaken from past lives to make me more effective and successful in reaching my goals? Will you please help me do this?

There are a number of things that are of potential importance here and this will depend on your choices. What we would suggest to you, so that again we are not in the lead, if we tell you “you can reawaken great artistic ability” that is giving you a big hint your path is to become an artist and we cannot do that. So what we would suggest is to turn this around very simply. As you have desires for success in a certain arena because it calls to you, it resonates with you, you think to yourself “I would really like to be doing that. I would really like to have those skills, those qualifications, and those capabilities.” Those are things you can then turn to us and say “Higher Self awaken within me all my prior life skills that may come to bear on doing engineering,” or whatever the interest might be you focus on. That will be the way to proceed. This is very realistic, we are telling you a great truth here. This is not a fantasy, this in fact can happen. It does not happen in an instant, it also will require cultivation and nurturing as any talent does. So it is getting you to a baseline very much akin to the incoming new arrival, who may have been born with musical talent for example. They tend to pick up tunes, the parents see their child humming, they get it, they pick up a melody, they follow it, they remember it, they’re drawn to it and that’s why they hum. Later on there might be curiosity about how to make music, wanting to try an instrument and so on. These are all signs of an inner talent and a desire to move in that direction. This is why one goes with the other. In the reawakening of that prior ability, it is sort of putting in place that foundation. Then you have to learn how to use that capability, you see. You cannot be given a concert pianists talent, show ready, where you could simply tomorrow walk on a concert stage and give a recital of an hour and ten minutes including encores. That is not what we speak of. We speak of the inner capability to develop that level of proficiency, but this is nonetheless extremely valuable. Many might wish to do that, but never have that in the cards because they lack the wiring, they lack the foundation. So think about this and use this along with the development of your further life plan, to focus on those attributes you see as being of help. Ask us at that point to come in and go to work, in order to help bring those forward.

X. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me if there anything in my potential future it would help me to know?

We cannot warn you about calamity or difficulty because that causes preoccupation. It also gives you a kind of short circuit of what life is bringing to you as a test or a rebalancing opportunity. So if you avoid an experience, you may lose the chance to learn from it. Often people have the expectation they will be given warnings and that we usually cannot do. We can save you from certain things by causing a sequence of events to take place, to have you in a safer place at the proper time. We do this as part of our job to keep you on track with your life plan and so many risks are avoided in this way, by getting Divine help. This is another benefit of having the Divine partnership we have spoken of. You will have the benefit as you have been requesting; guidance, healing, and protection in a general way. This is a profound request, with profound implications. That means we can help actively forestall risk and potential catastrophe, including your demise. This is the power you have with setting an attention with asking for Divine support and help. You are not alone here, unless you choose to be. This is why we’re emphasizing these things, so you think about it from that perspective. Many people come away from an exercise like this thinking “well I’m done with that” and they might not think much about their Higher Self any further. That would be a huge mistake because we are always available and if you choose to ignore us, we often must ignore you back. Where in actuality we could spring into action many times, in specific ways to help further your progress and success. So know that your future has multiple positive potentials for enjoyment, pleasure and success that you will feel is genuine, real and quite rewarding. This is not true of everyone, so you have a great blessing already in hearing from us the reality that you can have a rewarding and happy life. There are many, many people currently on the planet who will not do so. Many, many people. So this is good news and so getting there as the saying goes, your channel is thinking “getting there is half the fun.” That is not what we would say, but we appreciate the sentiment. This is your chance to learn and grow. By working through the steps and the decisions when you achieve this, it will truly be your own achievement, not ours. That is why we work in the background. We do so in a subtle way, you are always truly in charge. You are given help and support in the way of hints, suggestions, and options brought to your awareness. If you see them for what they represent, chose to follow and embrace them, you will then be earning the credit for following the highest and best path. This is how it works. In the end you will feel the accomplishment and deserve the credit for having arrived, achieving a fine level of success in all ways. It will be earned through your participation, in your discernment all along the way, through countless individual steps and choices moving day to day. This is good news and you can use this to help keep you on the side of optimism, that will help you greatly. There will always be some challenges along the way. There will be setbacks in life, disappointments and speed bumps that come along, but knowing success is there for the taking and keeping going can help enormously to make that a reality.

XI. Thank You. Higher self may you please tell me about my past life, directly previous to this one?

You were involved in a program that was partnering with the extraterrestrials. This was one of a dark nature. The Humans were being exploited to serve their interests, under the false story it was for Human betterment. This was a shady operation from the beginning. Many people were employed in this way, as a tool of the extraterrestrials. They were not told the true purpose and became embroiled in a huge karmic drama of their creation. So this has left a karmic legacy that sets you up for continued exploitation, this is one of the risks for you in the current life. Seek ways to separate yourself from their influence, to stay independent in all ways, to choose a path that will give you an alternative and not be drawn back into that vortex. It will not serve you in the highest and best way, it will drag you into further karmic difficulty. You have asked a direct question and are receiving a direct answer. We understand these are difficult subjects and very bizarre on their face, but we understand you as well, so we are being forthright. This need not be a huge difficulty for you to recover from karmically, but will require some healing attention. We can be again of assistance with this, if you ask.

XII. Thank you, I do ask for your assistance with this. Higher self may you please tell me what extraterrestrial race’s genetics are most prominent within my own?

You, like every other Human, have been read arranged genetically. This has been done across the board. You have been given some additional manipulation, to make you a better instrument for serving the extraterrestrial agenda. That is in the way of increasing susceptibility to the manipulation of your will, to program you, to accept certain concepts and direction from handlers. This is so you are recallable and can be brought back into a program, repurposed and sent out into the field, so-to-speak. This is also so you carry out instructions without question, without second-guessing, or second thoughts and not have an awareness on a conscious level, when completed, of even what took place. So there was some genetic alteration to allow you to become manipulated to a greater degree than average. This again serves them and not you. This is a legacy from having the prior lifetime of service in this way, having been a successful choice for them. In choosing you, they earmarked you to receive this extra manipulation, to render you a continued benefit and instrument for their purposes. This can be healed and changed back by Creator if you ask.

XIII. Thank you. I do ask, Higher Self and Creator may you please reverse and heal me of this?

We will take this on and work at it. This will be of benefit to you as well, because this is one of the potential downsides that could be an element in your future, if not attended to. So in asking directly in this way, this potential side journey can be prevented. We will do our best to see to this. Your part will be to stand strong and resist any probing or outreach to you, to reel you back in, so-to-speak. This is something that can be done, but need not interfere with our changes. So even if it happens, the benefits will be there for the reversal and it will not end the same way. You will be released and free to resume your life once again. We see this as not a dire circumstance and do not wish to see you fretting, worrying, or living in fear about these possibilities. This has actually become a quite routine thing, involving many, many people. So they simply have the numbers to work with. When they do a recheck, they can tell rather quickly if someone is still malleable and can be instantly switched back on, so-to-speak, to serve them without hesitation or not. If not, they move to another. So this will not cause a huge backlash for you and will only mean that you have become less desirable for their purposes. That is a good thing, because to be under their control once again will add greatly to your karmic burdens, even though it is with your total manipulation and subjugation. If you participate in serving, the karma will be shared by you to some extent. There will be some debt there and a consequence for you down the line. This is avoidable, so this will be a very helpful thing for you. You do not need these vulnerabilities and to the extent they can be reversed, this will help you to stand strong and resist a further involvement.

XIV. Thank You. Higher self may you please tell me if I have been part of the secret space program or any other unacknowledged projects? If so, when did this begin and what was my role in this?

This has been done. You were taken at a very young age, as a teenager in fact. You served a significant period of time being groomed again in the current life. Much has happened in the prior life. This was for a similar reason and a similar objective. It was to use you as a minion, as a kind of slave being, who would do whatever asked without question. It does not serve you to hear the gory details, as many dark things have been done and the training itself is quite dark. It requires many challenges to be met and they often involve a dark element as a test. This again is not your choosing, you have been preyed upon. This is what we would emphasize for you here, that the purpose of this service is not a positive one. It is totally to benefit the extraterrestrials and not to benefit Humans collectively or individually. You were told many, many things about the exalted plan, the high purpose, the benefit to Humanity, the toughening up and being ready to serve against a dark alien opponent, a future confrontation to save the world and so on. These were all false stories and a false representation of the truth of things. The entire operation of this program you belong to and others like it, have been to groom Humans to serve as a kind of mercenary force, used against Humans. So this is a dark purpose that will not help you or anyone else you care about. You are best served by moving in a new direction now and divorcing yourself from further involvement. This is possible to do for the reasons we have given, that if you are no longer recallable and functioning at the level they require, they will likely let you go and move on to another. This will receive Divine support as well, to arrange that outcome and nothing more dire. This is a great, great blessing and you will not have any severe penalty as a consequence. This is the time to choose your destiny, as we said, it is in your hands. There has been implanted within you a very deep yearning to serve them. This has been put into place through the programming of your mind, to accept them and to say yes to many things. You have agreed to these things. It was done under a subterfuge with mind manipulation, to make you favorable, but this became what the inner beliefs now hold. It is a powerful inner conviction that you must serve them and do so without hesitation, without any critical assessment or second-guessing. This is part of the training as well. Those threads are still present in your memory and in the basic inner belief system. So this can be reworked, if you give us permission to do so.

XV. Thank you. I do give you permission to do so. Higher self may you please tell me when the last time I participated in this and what occurred?

This was an action that involved a space exploration journey. This was to a kind of group presence, a kind of colony that was being used to coerce a number of trainees who were not cooperating. There was a serious altercation that took place, that involved you and a group of other recruits. So this left quite a dark stain on the soul. It will require some additional healing to repair and heal. This was part of the intention for you, to develop the skills and focus from being a guardian, to being a paramilitary operative, to being a quite highly trained military operative with full weapons knowledge and capability. This is the ultimate height of development in the program, because this serves the ultimate goal and aim of what they are intending .

XVI. Thank You. Higher self may you please tell me when I first began being abducted and was the last time I was abducted?

We have some hesitation on this, because we do not wish to add greater fear to the situation. The reality is you have been inducted many, many times through multiple lifetimes, going back many generations. This is quite typical in building their interaction with Humanity, to understand and then to manipulate. They work with many people in this fashion, some as a kind of guinea pig to follow genetic manipulation to assess the consequences and others to use them in various ways through mind control, to serve them while taking a seemingly normal role within the population. Those individuals so altered, can become quite effective servants of them and are completely accepted as normal people in society. If there is something going against the rules, it is assumed to be their personal failing, their aberration, their faults, their personality, or perhaps a criminal tendency that was not anticipated, explaining why they may do something destructive or harmful to someone in the setting. So you have been abducted again and again and again, even quite recently this has been done. It is for purposes of assessment, to keep tabs, to check how you are thinking and whether you are still following the precepts instilled within the mind, whether you are ready and recallable. The reason it is good to reverse the alterations we describe, is that the sooner you have established for them you have drifted outside their grip, the sooner you will be let go and not further exploited.

XVII. Thank You. Higher self may you please tell me if I have any negative implants in me? If so, may you please help me remove them?

We can tell you yes to both these questions. There are implants in residence now and these indeed are removable. We will ask Creator to attend to this on your behalf. There are several types of implants in place, to serve various purposes. This as well will make you less desirable. They will see this as something done by an outside force and will not view you as the culprit. This is not only safe to do, it is highly advisable to have this taken care of. This will be done and you will be free and clear. Your channel does this work as well, in his healing protocol. The benefit here is that while it is a disturbing situation because it is something not truly desired nor requested, it is much easier to heal and fix than a natural illness would be. This is because that would likely have a karmic purpose created by you, through your desires in some way or another, coming back around to teach you a lesson of some kind. So this will be done and you can know that it will be successful 100%.
XVIII. Thank You. Higher self may you please tell me if I have any negative entity attachments? If so, may you please help me remove them?
There are negative entities present that are spirit related, and this is something we can see to and do at this time. Your channel is also requesting that we round up any intermittent attackers of this sort, who may come and go, being involved with you on an intermittent basis. This we will see to this as well. There have been both alien spirits, as well as the normal type of spirit that afflicts Humanity of a negative sort. All will be dealt with for you, to end their influence.

XIX. Thank You. Higher self will you be able to tell me if there’s going to be a solar ascension event coming up? If so, when?

Unfortunately this is a disinformation campaign being used to make people complacent about the possibility of a great shift, to uplift Humanity, end much negative karma, and the difficulties of physical existence with the discord and strife so rampant. So this will not be happening in the near-term, or in the medium-term either. This will be an end consequence of a change in thinking of Human across-the-board, that requires a realignment with Divine realm. If that does not happen first, then the solar cooperation with an ascension energy will not happen. It is Humans who are truly in charge. They are being aided by solar energy, are dependent on solar energy and there are energetic alterations being contributed by Divine realm. These are heavily opposed by the extraterrestrial presence, who are manipulating the energetics of the Earth’s grid. This is causing great perturbation of the planet in a physical sense and the living things upon it, in particular Humanity. This is currently an obstacle to progress on all fronts. This can only be surmounted when Humans make the choice to break free of the subjugation. Unfortunately so few Humans are aware of their own dilemma, that the outcome remains uncertain when and if the tipping point will be reached, to fully complete the shift in Consciousness. We do not like to be the bearer of bad tidings, but we know your channel can give you similar information and is thinking about this as he speaks here. So we have the permission from him inside, to include this information in our answer for you. We do not want to discourage you from anticipating a grand future. It is simply that this will not be the next step. It will be a subsequent step far down the line, once Humans have come into better realignment with the Divine. This will push out the extraterrestrial influence and once that is out of the way, there can be a true ascension, but not until that happens. They are serving as a choke point at the present time. All of the campaigns promising a great change in energies, a great shift, the ascension of Gaia, the raising up of Humanity and many other would-be rescue scenarios or Enlightenment scenarios, are all just disinformation done to disempower people. This is to put them on the sidelines, waiting for the big event and not letting them learn they must do something to make that happen. Until they do, it cannot occur. This is something you can help to engineer, by participating personally. When you have an opportunity to encourage others, as well to think about the steaks for Humanity here, to raise yourself up and others. Do so by requesting the Divine realm to be a part of your life, to assist you in every undertaking and give you the benefit of Divine support, help, healing and protection. It is that simple, a simple request with those words or its equivalent, is all that is needed. A genuine heartfelt request to have Creator at your side can be a tremendous asset and source of progress, that may not happen if Creator is not invited in. This is the test, this is what has been happening through all of the prior centuries. The invitation to be with Creator, a part of Creator’s plan and consciously work with Creator. Then all of the negativity launched against Humans, designed to discourage, to corrupt thinking, to insert fear of God, fear of judgement, condemnation, being cast down and all the rest. All of it is disinformation to take people away from their true origin, as being a Divine extension. Once there is a return to that awareness and an embracing of that awareness, that is when the shift in solar energy will occur, as part of the grand ascension of Humanity to a higher dimensional existence. This must happen as a result of Human enlightenment, it cannot happen without the enlightenment first.


  • Wow, this doesn’t hold back. The Solar Flash idea is really a disinformation campaign. There will be many people disappointed to learn this. It is up to us to bring the change about. Thank you, Creator, for this information. I have had many little instances in my life recently that have reinforced the fact that Creator and my Divine Self are here helping.

  • Wow, The mind control of the SSP soldiers stuff reminds me of the “Men Against Fire” episode in season 2 of Black Mirror (Netflix streaming). That really gave me the chills…how these soldiers are using equipment augmented with VR to make their targets look like horrible mutants (they call “roaches”) so they can kill w/o feeling any emotions. Blank-slating is also used.

  • Wow, very interesting but also hopeful. May the MAP, ETs and spiritual interlopers never infringe on your free will again. May all your karmic, emotional and spiritual wounds be healed completely and fully. In the name of I AM THAT I AM, AMEN!

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