Mick Schrier’s Higher Self Channeling Part II 11/02/2017

I. Higher Self may you please tell me if I have served a twenty and back? How many years have I served in the Secret Space Programs? What year did this begin?

This began approximately thirty years ago and was a twenty and back program. Then they placed you forward, to place you in life as a youth once again. So this is difficult to understand in detail, but we are doing our best to give you the picture here. Time is fluid, and so the context of such experiences in your service in this clandestine program are separate from the current timeline and bear little relationship to it. Time can be compressed, time can be stretched, so the typical arrangement is to take someone while young because they do not wish to wait. They usually need a lead up of reawakening, because most people have been in the program before and this is true of you as well. You served once before in this program, in a past lifetime and you have actually served two tours of duty in the current lifetime. This is what has led to your awakening, because you have reached a kind of burnout phase that happens when the exploitation becomes too severe. So you are young yet in years, but you are old in your service to this particular manipulation. This has caused much inner discord within your being and is leading to the emotional turmoil you feel from time to time. We are here to help if you request this of us and will do all we can to serve.

II. Thank you. I do request this, Higher Self may you please tell me what specific Secret Space Programs or ICC companies I have served for? What different roles have I served?

You have not been in a commercial setting. This is disinformation and is a kind of cover story that is downloaded into all who serve. There are many cover stories employed to put a happy face on things and make people believe they are making a huge contribution in service to Humanity, in terms of the interaction with other cultures of space beings in a quite busy corporate interchange and it is only the backwardness of the Human populous that makes it necessary for this to be clandestine and done behind the scenes. The opposite is the case, the entire enterprise is military in its purpose and orientation. It is designed to work against Humanity and not to help the interaction with other cultures of space beings, for so-called commercial purposes. This is a fantasy and is instilled with mind programmed messages, instructions, details, and also impressions of witnessing such activities ongoing. All of which are created holographically and are not real. This serves a kind of interior cover-up. So there is a cover-up with respect to the outside world, and there is a further cover-up with respect to the members of the program themselves who are Human, to mislead them. This again gives those who have been taken and pressed into service through manipulation a good feeling in the end, that they have done something wondrous and intriguing. This is to keep them complacent. This is a subterfuge in misdirection, that covers up the truth and is in conflict with deeper feelings within you and the deeper memories of much trauma from being subjected to manipulation by these beings in this program. So we cannot give you the military details, this will not serve you and will be a potential problem as well. The reason for secrecy is to protect their operation, but it protects you as well. Both from ridicule by society, as well as becoming a risk to them by revealing too much about the inner workings, were you able to recall them. So we cannot fill in all those blanks for you. This would not be wise and would not be safe either. The program has many aspects and your particular service was involved in military operations, but more as an adjunct, rather than with hands on the trigger so-to-speak. In this respect you are saved many additional soul wounds, that would have happened otherwise. So you can count your blessings here, that things have not been worse for you. You still have witnessed many things and have been an unwitting accomplice in many dirty doings. So you are not spared totally from having an indirect responsibility for them and so this is a matter for deep inner healing work. To feed your conscious awareness with more trouble, more difficulty, and even darker notions than you may possess will only add to stress for you and will not be productive. We cannot add to your troubles, we must be very careful to serve you in a positive way and not worsen things. So there may be times when you ask things of us we are unable to deliver directly and this will likely be the main reason.

III. Thank you. Higher Self may you please tell me who I know or know of, that I have served with in these programs?

These are things you must find for yourself. We cannot lead you, we cannot direct your life. To connect these dots and make these linkages, in effect encourages you to move your life in a particular direction and that will have consequences. If you strike up relationships and develop friendships and things develop from there and it ends up shaping your destiny, if we were instrumental in pointing you towards one person or another, that would have varying consequences and varied outcomes as well. There may be individuals who are a good influence and individuals who are not. There may be individuals who are a mixed influence, having both helpful and unhelpful potential interactions and therefore influences on your well-being. It is not for us to make such choices. It is for us to help to keep you afloat and keep you supported, but to not make decisions or point you in certain directions that would encourage you to take one fork in the road and not another. So if you give us names yourself that you have unearthed, we may be able to comment on the wisdom of having an interaction. There are many former members of this program who are looking for other graduates and acting as sentinels to inform on them and their doings. This is serving the darkness and would be threatening for the welfare of those they inform on. So this is not a happy story and a happy group of individuals, who are now free and clear and have escaped entirely any further consequences of their former membership. This is still very much an active ongoing project. All former members are potentially recallable on a moment’s notice. They can be repurposed for any of many possible types of activities, including the elimination of fellow members of the organization among the Human community. This is a product of the training and degree of manipulation typically achieved by those with long service. Some wash out early, who are not manageable. Those who survive and complete their tour, have typically reached a high level of compliance and manipulation. They are quite trustworthy to follow orders, without question and do anything they are asked. We are simply cautioning you that not all such individuals can be trusted, so you must discern as best you can who has the right energy and who may not. Who feels safe and a positive person and who may not. This we know is a possible challenge, but we are simply using this opportunity and pointing out our limits in being able to direct things for you. To also raise a caution and give you a warning that not all are trustworthy and safe to be around. You may well be approached by someone who recognizes you, or claims to recognize you. Not all such individuals are benign in their intentions, so there is a certain level of being on one’s guard that is called for here. We do not mean to frighten you unduly, or to add to the stress of your life. We are taking advantage of this door you have opened, to say our peace and hope that you listen to our advice and give it due regard.

IV. Thank you. Higher Self may you please tell me why I have so much neck pain and what can I do to heal this? Will you please help me with this, on an ongoing basis?

Indeed, this neck pain is karmic. It is coming from a past experience that you gained in a prior time of service to the secret space program, so-called. This was an injury that you received and this caused great difficulty at that time. It became well-entrenched and the attempts made to heal it were not successful. It would have been fatal without some advanced healing assistance which you received at the time, but it was not sufficient to cure the problem totally. You were left compromised and this had a huge impact on the subsequent years of your life, in that past incarnation. Your service in this life is simply reawakening that karmic chapter. Your channeler is wondering what might have been missed about this in the healing session he did for you and this is that what happened. It is that the linkage is being kept open by you and your desire to explore those days and learn more about what you were involved with. This is continuing to pull on that thread and bring forward the negativity, the negative energy, and the suffering of the prior time period. This is impinging on the body in the weak link involved directly with that prior malady. So the neck is taking the brunt of this energy and is complaining to you. This is the reason for its existence and its origin. The best answer is to move beyond your involvement in all respects with this enterprise and that includes as well divesting yourself of your interest, curiosity, and desire to probe deeply what may have happened. This can potentially serve if done in a healing process, where the reconnection and recovery of memory is accompanied by a direct healing to address it. To simply have the old days become recallable, will cause great problems. The reason is not that you are flawed, it is that this is part of the programming that has been done to render you vulnerable to an inner mechanism of discord, when you attempt to probe things that are walled off currently. The mind suppression that is utilized to suppress memory, has within it built in safeguards that cause difficulty for the individual, when you attempt to breach the walls put in place. This will be felt as a discord energetically and will impinge on the body as well. So this is a major reason why the neck is rumbling, so-to-speak, because you want to climb the wall and look over. Your inner self is bumping into all of the injunctions against your own awareness, especially the possibility of others hearing any details of your involvement and service in that undertaking. This is part of the difficulty of regaining the hidden memories, of things that happened. If done with healing this is more manageable, if done as an intellectual exercise it will tend to start tripping the alarms and create not only inner warnings, but an inner storm of discord that will try to make you back away and will harm you in the process if it reaches sufficient levels of severity. This is what you are experiencing and why it is there. This requires two things: we can take your healing request and implement it on your behalf and are quite happy to do so, but if you do continue to examine and probe what happened, it may reawaken this and potentially other things as well. We know this creates a complication for you, but it is the way things are. It is not the most desirable situation. It would be advantageous if you could have a full restoration of memory, use your free will choice to go from there, make decisions for your life based on full knowledge of where you have been and things that have happened. Unfortunately this has been studded with landmines to cause things to blow up, literally, if you probe too deeply in the wrong way. We are simply using this request as an opportunity to inform and caution you about what can happen. We are not trying to dodge your question. We are simply saying that if you invite trouble, you will have it answered in the affirmative. We can help and we shall. We encourage you to be a positive assistant in this effort, by doing your part to begin to let this realization go now. If you can maintain a spiritual focus, you can arrange effective protection. Maintaining that is very much to your advantage. If you become involved yet again in this secret space program, so-called, then things will not go well for you, because they never do. There is always a price to pay personally and on the part of others you might interact with. This is not a good time to be flirting with risk and incurring greater karmic debt in the process.

V. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me if the bump on my chest is an implant?

This is a scar from an altercation you had during your service. It is from a wound. The healing was effective in repairing the skin, but not the deeper tissues. This is a remnant, it is in effect a war wound. This is no different than someone who comes back missing a limb, having a bullet wound scar, or an implanted weapon remnant still within a bone for example. This will not be of any harm to you, so it is nothing to worry about.

VI. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me if I have clones that have been made from me? If so, how many?

You have been used for the creation of replicants and these are approximately two dozen. The reason for this is to amplify their benefit in training you, because the replicants carry with them all of your knowledge, training and seasoning to which you have been subjected. This is not in actuality a twin in any meaningful sense. It is not borrowing aspects of your soul, which is the true heart of your being. It is more like a robot simulation. There is a surface identity in a physical sense with you and your appearance and your characteristics, but it is borrowed from your makeup that is accessible for copying. It does not extend to the soul level, so is only a shell. It is much like mold taken, that can be used to make a lookalike, but is not truly the person in all respects. It is a surface resemblance. It in this case, is more functioning than a mirror mold would be, because it can do everything you can do in a physical sense, but will not have the deep soul characteristics that make you who you truly are. It is more like an automaton, that will act through its programming. It will have many, many limitations, because it will lack the spark of the Soul’s creativity. This will not have any negative consequences for you. It is much like having been in a movie and serving as an actor. Forevermore there is a rendering of you on silver screens in many, many locations and many, many points in time. They all look like you, sound like you, act like you in some respect. At least within that role, but they are not you. They are a simulation of you, so this need not concern you. It will not have any moral implications or karmic implications. This is done to further amplify the benefits to the extraterrestrials, to take full advantage of their investment in your training, to make replicas of the trained individual. Then this can be used, to be deployed in many settings. It in some ways has a superior utility, because if it lacks the moral core, it will also lack the concern and compassion for a potential victim. It can be used for more sinister purposes, without having any inner backlash or contradiction in conflict with the orders given. This is the reason for the replication effort.

VII. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me if I have been part of a breeding program? If so, how many children do I have?

You have also been utilized in this fashion as well. This has been true in past life times, in addition to the current lifetime. This is in part their interest in you in the first place, because you have been in the alien abduction program through many, many generations. Your DNA has been followed and studied in many iterations through incarnations in various settings. This is part of the program. It is dual, it is in part a self-improvement exercise for the alien Grays. It is also the feeding of Humans into the secret space program to be of help to the extraterrestrial alliance, to provide them soldiers for duty who can pass as human, because they are Human. There have been multiple offspring resulting the seeding of your genetic material to fertilize donor eggs and so on, but this was done in service to the hybrid program only and not the creation of actual Human beings. This does not have a true spiritual purpose or connection to you in any way. These beings are not truly your children. They are a simulation of children, because they do not have a soul and this is the difference. When Humans come into being, they come from the light as a soul extension and remain connected to their soul while in physical form. They have a life in physical body, but with a tether to their true soul in another dimension. When the alien Grays were created, they were created through the hybridization of artificial intelligence robotics with DNA based biology. They consists of portions of a Human-like Humanoid in origin, but are soulless and as such they have no Divine linkage whatsoever. They are matter in service to an alien consciousness, but do not inherently have any spiritual connection. They are a simulated Human and may act like a living person in some respects, but they are not truly a person. They are an advanced form of artificial intelligence. This is really no different than donating tissue in some way. If you donate blood at a blood bank, your DNA goes along and finds a new home in another party, but you are not transferring your soul to that person. In the same way, if a Human being is cloned from the DNA of an individual humans cell, that cloned being will be soulless, unless there is someone in the light who wishes to inhabit that mass of tissue. We can tell you that people do not come from the light to become an alien Gray or a hybrid, because these beings are working against Humanity. This would be changing sides and from the light being perspective, would be truly unthinkable. In the same way you would not likely choose to become a Nazi, you would not choose to become a being from another star system seeking the subjugation, enslavement, and potential annihilation of all of Humanity. This would be the ultimate act of being a traitor, so you need not harbor any thoughts about any responsibility in having some connection to past doings of that sort. They were orchestrated entirely by the extraterrestrials and your cooperation if any needed to bring it about, was done through manipulation. Keep in mind that these beings can entrain your thoughts and feelings both, to any purpose they desire. If they want you to feel warmly about them, they do not radiate their love to you. They make you think you are sensing a radiated love from them, but it is truly created within you through an energetic manipulation. It is a sham. The same is true of any connection to the hybrids and any offspring of yours genetically done through artificial needs. It is a sham for a purpose of serving the alien Grays in a futile quest to achieve immortality. This will not happen, because it is the soul that is immortal. In the absence of a soul, all matter will eventually degrade and dissipate. It can be maintained artificially through replenishment and renewal, much as you my polish silver to keep it shiny, but that does not make it a living thing. This is nothing for you to be concerned with.

VIII. Thank you. Higher Self you’ve mentioned the Grays, may you please tell me which other extraterrestrial races I have interacted with?

Your interactions have been with the Grays and their originators, the Arcturians, who you know as Nordics. This is one of their preferred designations. They may use other subterfuges as well with certain individuals, to create an illusion of their specialness, to impress and dazzle their human audience, but they are truly Acrturians in origin, from the Arcturus star system. They in addition are working side-by-side with Reptilian beings, who are shapeshifters. They are also members of the extraterrestrial alliance. You have worked with many reptilians as well, as they are very commonly in positions of authority in the so-called secret space program. That is because of their warrior like nature, therefore are highly suited to carry out military operations, to direct and participate in the coercive training of humans, to toughen them and desensitize them to witnessing acts of violence and even depravity. This is to inure them to any concern about the pain inflicted on others and to show no mercy nor compassion whatsoever for any order to be carried out. They are quite adept at manipulating humans through coercion and are very, very tough customers. Fear does wonders as a motivator, at least over the short-term and in combination with mind manipulation to submerge inner doubts and concerns, people can be made to comply quite readily with the harshest of instructions, for the direist of purposes. This is quite diabolical with its intentions and is the reason why this is so sinister, because all are complicit with these dark doings. They are further in League with the Anunnaki, but you have not had direct interactions with them. You have interacted with Martian beings and these are also much like humans, having come under the control of the extraterrestrial alliance. They too are used as guinea pigs and are being maintained for various reasons. As partly a subterfuge to fool recruits and members of the Human military and government, that the extraterrestrials are truly humanitarian with their intentions, because they are rescuing the Martians from their planetary peril. This is a subterfuge and you have been used to keep them in line and this is not for their betterment, it is for their continued subjugation. It keeps them going as a race, but at dire expense to them in terms of the trauma from being an enslaved species, having lost their entire history and their home as they knew it to be. This has been a quite negative source of influence. There are insect like beings as well you have worked with and these are more as observers of the extraterrestrial alliance, than a major force in things. They are never put in charge, but they are viewed as superior to the Human as well. You had to answer to them and reckon with them in your journeys. These have been the players and the agenda is always one of gaining maximum leverage in manipulating all the human participants, to make them a force for military purposes, where they cannot say no and will do anything when commanded. This has always been the goal and those who they successfully achieve mastery and this total manipulation, are highly prized and of great service for them. Your journey has been to extricate yourself from this circumstance. This in fact was the purpose of the current life, to find a way to break free and to help heal what has happened. This is working and this is the reason you are talking to us this moment. If this were not unfolding, you would not know you were a part of this exercise and would be somewhere doing something completely different. Your destiny has already departed from what was planned for you by the extraterrestrials. You are instead on the path chosen by you prior to this incarnation, to come back in harm’s way knowing you would be found and reeled back in so-to-speak, but with a plan to surmount their grip on you through the past association and being on their watch list. This is working and you are being successful. This is a quite important development for you, because this is a rescuing of your soul. This is no small thing, it is your link to the future. There are some who will be perishing and lost entirely, if things do not improve here. That need not happen for you and you have left that danger zone already, with the direction you are heading. This is a delightful turn of events for us especially, because we have been watching and overseeing your existence under quite difficult circumstances and knowing the potential for things to move in a bad direction being always present, but nonetheless you have broken free and this is a testament to the true nature of your soul and the light you carry within. This is what drew them to you in the first place, because you have advanced capabilities and you are also a potential threat to them. They have been highly interested in cultivating you, in learning from you even, in repurposing you and redirecting you to serve them. They want the cream of the crop. They want the special humans, the advanced humans, the highly capable humans, those who are adept energetically, who have the reach with their Consciousness to make useful minions, to be redirected in service to their cause. They do not want people who are limited or already broken and damaged in some respect. They can take a person and undermine them sufficiently, to gain control and then go from there to rebuild the individual as a warrior for their objectives, under their command. This is what happens to all who enter the program. Your survival this long was not because you are inherently a bad person, evil and so a match to them in that respect. More the opposite, they knew you to have tremendous inner strength and capability. They wanted that for themselves. It is like the invaders finding those with great beauty and choosing those for their slaves. It is because they are the best, they stand tall above the others in their attributes and desirability. You were quite attractive to them because of your strength of purpose, your resiliency, your intellect and your mind’s capabilities. They look down on humans to begin with and therefore they want a superior human to be in their operation. Not the average and certainly not the below average human, so in a sense you can be flattered by having been singled out for this. It is not serving you, but rather harming you in various ways, to drag you down in terms of karmic obligation from the harm being done and that of course starts with your soul, your being. The discord you now carry within that still needs healing and will follow you in the future. It is part of life, it is unavoidable and true for all humans. Normally humans only have to answer for what they did as humans. Not what they did as a mind controlled military recruit, who was ordered and forced through coercion to participate in dark doings, but this happens to be the case. It is not a greater problem to solve, it is only a different problem. It is solvable and it is fully healable. You will be able to do this and it will not hold you back in the long-term. It will require doing some things to raise yourself up further and to give up certain things that you hold within. That must be done by you and we will help you all along the way with this. If you reach out to Creator, that is your best resource for recovering fully from all that has happened, to raise yourself up, help yourself grow, regain your equilibrium, a full level of health and well-being in all respects.

IX. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what star system my soul originates from?

You are originally from the Syrian lineage and you are from the Sirius star system. You came here as a light worker quite some time ago, among a group of other beings. There are beings from other star systems as well, who participate in this fashion. This is the way the higher extraterrestrial beings are assisting Humanity, rather than coming as physical being in physical spacecraft. They are incarnating here and working from within, to assist human progress. This does not protect them from all eventualities. Many are killed over and over again, as they continue to reincarnate and take on and oppose the opposition to humanity, in some respect. They therefore come to the attention of authorities and are singled out for retribution. This happens over and over for many who are doing light work. It is true for healers in particular, as well as those who want to improve the institutions of government, finance and other spheres of endeavor which upset the established order, by bringing forward innovations or simply questioning the way things are done. They are therefore drawing fire and then are sidelined or even silenced, to prevent their criticism from affecting others and to take them out of action so-to-speak. This has happened to you a number of times in the past and has added to your karmic burdens as well. There are always many unmet healing needs, because humans have had typically truncated lives. Dying young from the stress of being under opposition and many unnatural forces unleashed to cause difficulty and harm from all manner of adverse interactions with environment and also one another. Humans are always turned against each other to create problems, from war on down to the personal level in many settings. With relationships in the workplace, in the home, among families, spouses, neighbors, members of all organizations and then interacting through indirect mechanisms including social media, people find targets quite readily and pound on them without thinking twice. This is not natural, it is orchestrated. This discord and corruption of the inner balance is deliberately produced to achieve those ends. You have come with the loftiest of purposes and high ideals, from long experience living divinely, with full divine awareness. You have been experiencing the clash of cultures and heritage that is represented, by essentially moving into a backward existence, having a quite negative environment. Having to learn how to survive and navigate has not been easy, but you have done better than most humans. You have a higher awareness at the outset and they come in as more newly created beings, therefore they have a different experience base. This is the role you play as light worker. Even though you have been sidelined and brought into a corrupt organization for dark purposes, you have been able to extricate yourself and that is owing to your lofty origin for the most part. This too will serve you in having had these experiences, it will give you special knowledge and learning that will help greatly in the future. You need not worry about slipping backward or having a retribution take place, to cause harm to you. If you avoid contact with this operation and keep your intentions on moving forward and moving upward in all respects, you can leave them far behind. This is what is called for now. Your service to the light has come already, from breaking free. They have lost a powerful tool, that would otherwise have belonged to them. You have taken that away and that will help Humanity greatly in its own right. If you continue to support Humanity with your heart and soul, you can further contribute. That is your choice and is up to you. We will not move you in that direction, through a direct instruction on the way to carry that out. We are merely pointing out to you, that you have reached a major fork in the road. You have chosen the right path and that is a quite beautiful thing.

X. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me if my phone case being melted was directed energy weapons targeting me? Was the helicopter that hovered above me recently someone who was watching me?


This was done as a reminder to you, of your link to the extraterrestrial program. They always accompany such doings with a physical presence that serves as a memory trigger, because they themselves must breach the walls they put in place. There are various means from program that will wake you up and open the channel, to allow further communication. The first step is getting your awareness there is an incoming message. That is what is served by the physical phenomenon, that make you pause and pay attention. This is always followed by a mind control message of some sort, to check in with you. This is mostly for information transfer, to learn about your recent doings and also to keep further programming reinforced. Then they send new instructions as well. This is done subliminally, it is not done through the conscious awareness. It goes directly into the deep subconscious level, but is nonetheless effective, because that part of the mind is directly connected to the inner belief systems and the long-term memory. It will be highly effective for making a change or updating programs put in place earlier. Most of the time, these are checkpoints used to see if someone is drifting away. Then attempts will be made to reel them back in, into closer alignment. It is also done to trigger their reawakening to resume duty. These are things to notice and at such time to take steps to ask for greater protection, then to simply let go and not give them extra attention or importance. It Is by doing so that you can go down a slippery slope and reawaken the former ties, inviting a reconnection to occur. You need not fear these things. It is simply routine, done with all former recruits and has no dire meaning in the sense of danger that might befall you. It is more like getting a phone call to see how things are going, that is not a danger in its consequences. The key thing here is to stay away and maintains the separation, maintain the distance and then things will go quite nicely. There will be nothing of concern happening to you. You will be able to learn, grow, move forward and not be encumbered by anything that has happened. You will be emotionally free, healthy to run your life as you choose and not as chosen for you.

XI. Thank you. Higher Self may you please tell me how entities become attached to your energy body and how to get rid of them? Will you please help me with this on an ongoing basis?

Indeed, we can be a service here. If you encourage this, if you allow yourself to weaken your aura defense through allowing fear to overcome you, then you are making in effect of choice to be vulnerable. This we must allow, but we can do many things to ward off intruders. You will be sized up, inspected and you will be in a sense stopped by such beings, because this is done to all Humans. They are all target of opportunity, because of the energy they hold within. The beings who are the dark spirits in particular, are a risk because they only can exist when they have the energy of another being to draw from. This is a matter of life and death for them, so they are quite aggressive and persistent. They seek the energy center within the person to take up residence, because this is the location where the greatest energy flow is entering the person. It is a kind of way station for energetic dissemination and transfer. It is sort of like skipping over the houses and going to the power plant, they’re finding the highest voltage. This is why they go to the chakra systems within the human energy bodies and attach. This is so they can tap the energy of Human, gainingn maximum benefit for themselves and also serve the cause of energy drainage by ramping the energies up by perturbing the human to cause energetic discord and emotional turmoil. This causes and upsurge in energy and the person themselves will call on further energy to maintain this heightened state. In effect the voltage increases so-to-speak, which we are using as a metaphor, not an accurate scientific description to illustrate the concept. By ramping up inner discord, they increase available energy for them. They in effect win, when humans are disturbed and this makes them quite unhappy and unhealthy companions. You are wise to want a consistent absence of such interlopers in your midst, to seek ways to keep them out and undo their handiwork should they gain entry. There are things we can do to be on guard and reduce the likelihood of this happening.

XII. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what I can do to see clairvoyantly? Will you help me with this and with healing on an ongoing basis?

Yes, there are things we can do to help you open up higher awareness. This is in part an orchestrated manipulation, to diminish your reach. This is done routinely for all humanity and has been in place as a genetic defect for thousands of years. It was done to hobble humans in effect, to diminish their capability for independent action and to understand their overseers who were moving in, wanting to control and manipulate. The extraterrestrials have the upper hand in having a great reach with telepathy and other paranormal capabilities for sensing information, viewing things from great distance, and scanning individuals to obtain many kinds of information. Humans can do these things as well, but have been diminished in their capability. This is the first level of difficulty involved in your request. This is healable and reversible by Divine realm, particularly overtime as it requires a kind of incremental healing to do a full restoration. There are pros and cons regarding having clairvoyant capability, one of which is that seeing things has consequences and such perceptions can be disturbing, leading to events that cause problems as well as solve them. There is a delicate balance here in having a broader reach that serves a person, acting as an additional form of intelligence and not having too great an awareness, that one becomes overwhelmed with sensations and perceptions of outside energies, becoming undermined and preoccupied with a series of consequences that distract them and create inner turmoil as a result. This happens very frequently with individuals who have too great and intuitive awareness. These are the so-called empaths, who are extremely sensitive to energy, will see the energy around them, sample it and bring it in. This is their intuition taken to a high level of functioning, so high they begin to entrain with and resonate with an outside energy, regardless of its origin or purpose. In so doing, they can create all manner of inner havoc and discord, from beginning to create states energetically that are unhealthy and potentially quite destructive personally. There is a balance to be in a kind of center point, where you have a healthy mix of awareness, but not vulnerability. This would be the goal in mind. There is an additional issue for you, due to your past history. Your capabilities have also been linked to an internal control system, that is put in place by the interlopers themselves. This is so they can further attenuate your reach and have this be selectable. They can reawaken your capability while you are in their employ, but then switch it down into a pilot light mode, when you are out on your own and on hold so-to-speak. From their perspective if you’re left in pilot light mode, you will be less capable of intuitive perceptions going forward. This can be worked on as a healing objective and we will take your healing request as an intention to overcome this obstacle as well. We will work on this on your behalf and help you to move toward that desirable center point, to the extent we can. Your cooperation in this will be to cultivate that awareness through a systematic exercise of this capability and doing some practice work to reach out intuitively, with the purpose of gathering information or observing something. This will help to give you feedback about how you are doing, as this is very much a learning exercise, as one of being gifted. It is no different than learning to walk and then to run. There is a quite long struggle to learn how to use the muscles, to direct them purposefully and what particular motions to raise themselves up to a sitting position, then reach for something they can pull themselves up more and get their legs underneath themselves, their feet positioned to hold them when they pull themselves up right. This takes many, many months to achieve. Then the process of learning to walk and maintaining one’s balance while doing so, is a whole new set of skills. Developing, exercising and amplifying the intuitive is no different. It will not happen magically in a vacuum, it will happen in response to exercising it and connecting to that apparatus through setting an intention to do so and being open to receiving information and setting the intention to do so. Doing this as an iterative process, step by step, working on it over and over and over again. It will enable you to learn your inner workings, so you can awaken the mechanism, focus it, direct it , then import the information you are receiving. All of these steps are learned and must be cultivated, much as you and exercise a muscle to strengthen it. You don’t know what you can do with the muscle, when it never gets strong. You can only find out when the strengthening is in place, so the muscle can do a new task and carry it out effectively. This creates a demand on you, to be in student mode for a time further, to be in earnest, to focus your attention on the desired end result. You must put in the time and effort to play with it, explore with it and watch what happens. In this way, you will find the right way to make this work. No one can give you precise instructions on how you operate and how you can connect within, to bring this about. It is very subtle and it does differ in fact, among individuals. This will be your task, to find out how you work, what manner of sensing is easiest for you and will provide the best starting point. You can expand your range of sensing capabilities by requesting them to be reinforced and to be strengthened. You do not have to rest with one modality for intuitive perception, you may add others to your toolkit by setting the intention and requesting us to help in a similar fashion. These are the suggestions for you in how to bring this about further, in cooperation with us. We will gladly assist all we can.


  • I second the “mind blown” quote above. I’m curious if light beings like Mick are an area where we can focus our prayers on, to enhance our connection to the divine realm and get humanity to that tipping point?
    I agree with Ray, the last part is gold for enhancing all our intuitive abilities…

  • Thanks so much for this most enlightening and fascinating 2-part session…lots of important info here! Thanks also to Denny and Karl and Mick for posting the transcript for all the members to read.

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